Meiselas Brothers



Ben is a Partner at Geragos & Geragos, where he focuses on civil litigation and civil rights law. Most notably, Ben represented Colin Kaepernick in his highly-publicized lawsuit against the NFL and led a class action lawsuit against Billy MacFarland and FYRE festival. He put together the Kaepernick NIKE endorsement deal, widely regarded as one of the top marketing campaigns in history. Ben is also the co-founder of Kaepernick publishing, where he recently inked a deal with amazon for distribution. Ben was Variety’s 2019 Power of Law award recipient.



Brett is a two-time Emmy award winning video editor and digital media strategist. He was a video editor for the Ellen DeGeneres show for over five years and ran digital media for a major sports organization, in addition to working as a creative executive for a mainstream film & TV production company.



Jordan is a Marketing Account Supervisor based in New York City. He has been responsible for running campaigns and activations for some of the world’s top brands including HBO, the NFL and AT&T.