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Meidas University is a brand new initiative by MeidasTouch to establish student-run chapters at colleges and universities across the country to represent pro-democracy values and the movement built by MeidasTouch through content development, artistic expression and other grassroots initiatives. 


Meidas University chapters will develop content framed for both local and national audiences which can be amplified and supported by MeidasTouch. 


In addition, the founders of MeidasTouch will hold seminars with the Meidas University chapters  across the country to provide invaluable (and free) instruction on all steps of content creation and political activism and leadership. 


Meidas University will be led by National Chapter Chair Sunnie Wang, a student at USC. 


If you are interested in starting a Meidas University chapter at your school please send an email with your resume and cover letter to:

Follow @Meidas_Uni
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