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MeidasTouch Announces ‘Are You Better Off’ Nationwide Fox News Ad Buy

LOS ANGELES, CA — Today MeidasTouch, a leading progressive Super PAC in the U.S. presidential contest, released a new ad titled, “Are You Better Off.” The spot will have a six-figure buy behind it and will exclusively on Fox News Channel over the course of the next week, beginning tomorrow.

The “Are You Better Off” ad features the famous debate moment when President Ronald Reagan asked if voters were better off than they were four years ago juxtaposed with current images of Americans waiting in long lines to get tested for COVID-19 and statistics showing the nation’s mass unemployment along with the skyrocketing coronavirus death total.

Today’s announcement comes after the founders of MeidasTouch were featured last week in a profile story by CNN, and after the Super PAC had begun running ads Texas, where last week it placed a six-figure buy, as well as in Alaska and Montana — all states that polling shows are increasingly becoming more competitive in the presidential contest. Notably, MeidasTouch was the first presidential Super PAC to run ads in those three states. In addition to this new ad buy, the Super PAC previously ran the ad “Creepy Trump” on Washington, D.C. television, a spot that went viral and received well over 5 million views online.

Upon making public this new ad and nation-wide buy, Brett Meiselas, one of the founders of the PAC, commented: “When Americans genuinely ask themselves if they are better off now than they were four years ago, the answer couldn’t be more clear. This is even true for Republican voters, which is why we targeted this ad exclusively for viewers of Fox News. The course that we’ve been on over the last four years has undeniably been a dangerous failure. Americans deserve a new path, which is why voters will send Trump packing in November.”


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