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Athletes put billionaires to shame during coronavirus pandemic

While the 50 richest Americans have donated less than .1 percent of their wealth during the coronavirus pandemic, per CNBC, athletes have been far more generous.

For context, American’s billionaires became $434 billion richer from mid-March to mid-May, via CNBC, yet one-third of the 50 richest people in America have yet to donate anything during the pandemic.

On the other side, athletes are using their platform and wealth (albeit nothing compared to billionaires) for good.

  1. Colin Kaepernick’s charity gives over $1.75M to help black and brown communities

  2. Pelicans’ Jrue Holiday, Wife Lauren Donating Salary (up to $5.3M) to Start Social Justice Fund

  3. Steph and Ayesha Curry are helping to provide 1 million meals to Oakland students who can’t attend school due to coronavirus closures

  4. Seahawks’ Russell Wilson, Ciara to donate 1 million meals to Seattle area

  5. NBA star Kevin Love is donating $500,000 to UCLA for anxiety and depression research

  6. Coronavirus: Kevin Love to donate $100,000 to support Cavaliers arena workers (1/30th of Kevin Love’s yearly salary)

  7. Kevin Durant and Degree Deodorant have donated $1M to 10 organizations that will help teach kids how to use the power of sports to combat social issues

  8. Michael Jordan donates $100M to fight for racial equality

  9. 11 L.A. pro teams forge ‘The Alliance: Los Angeles’ to use sport for social justice

  10. NBA, NBPA reportedly approve social justice messages on jerseys

  11. Stephen Jackson lost a friend. It’s why he’s now leading a movement

  12. Steph Curry and Warriors join in Oakland protest

  13. Colin Kaepernick & Impossible Foods Plan To Feed 1 Million People

  14. NBA star LeBron James and reigning Super Bowl champion quarterback Patrick Mahomes have partnered together as part of James’ More Than A Vote organization, which seeks to encourage and register African-Americans to vote and to battle voter suppression

  15. The list could go on…

The idea that these billionaires, who have literally an endless supply of money, could solve so many issues stemming from coronavirus (or any other issue before coronavirus, there are plenty!) but just sit on the sidelines is absolutely ridiculous and needs more attention.

People need to hold billionaires (and large corporations) accountable.

For example, look at UnitedHealth Group. The largest healthcare company in the world by revenue posted its best quarterly earnings in history despite the United States seeing 138,000+ coronavirus deaths during the pandemic.


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