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New Video: Bye Eric

Eric Trump. It is a name that inspires the same feeling as nails against a chalkboard. Frankly, no one likes Eric. He is a bizarre mutant — a hybrid between despicable human and disregarded spawn of satan. Frankly, Eric is such an embarrassment and nonsensical creature that we were going to not even do a video about him. However, we ultimately decided we wouldn’t be doing our civic duty if we didn’t give Eric the MeidasTouch treatment to once again show any undecided voter just how heinous and puke-inducing Eric and the Trump’s are.

Oh, and did we mention that Eric’s wife is raking in $180k as a consultant to the Trump campaign for her bizarre OANN style talk show that now one watches?

Anyway, we would write more about this video ‘Bye Eric’ with the hashtag #ByeEric, but we would honestly throw up. So, anyway, just share the video and ask any of your friends who for some reason remain undecided, ‘seriously?’

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