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DeJuan Booker, Gen Z, TikTok army now aim to troll Trump hotels

The TikTok army has not stopped in the fight against Donald Trump one bit. Now, DeJuan Booker, who led the movement to troll the Trump campaign app’s rating, is trying to troll Trump again by getting TikTok teens to call the Trump hotels relentlessly.

Booker, who has nearly one million TikTok followers, posted this video on TikTok explaining the plan on how to troll Trump hotels in addition to a video that has an update on the movement’s progress.

“In my last video, I told everyone to instead actually call these hotels, whether you want to just prank call them or just ask a million questions,” said Booker on TikTok. “The idea behind this is if we can manage to get hundreds of thousands of Gen Z(ers) to make these phone calls what will happen is there will be so many calls to these hotels that it will actually clog up the phone lines. When you clog up the phone lines, that means real customers can’t call the hotel. If they can’t call the hotel, that means no money for the Trump hotel.”

Booker decided to have people call the hotels after a failed effort to lower the hotel’s ratings on Google, as the TikTok army did with Trump’s campaign app. However, Booker says Google stopped showing the one-star ratings despite thousands of TikTokers leaving reviews.

Booker in his video also posted the phone numbers of many of these Trump hotels for other TikTok teens to call.

Screenshot from DeJuan Booker’s latest TikTok post

Again, MeidasTouch can only salute the TikTok army that is joining the fight against Donald Trump. The army is doing a wonderful job finding creative ways to use the power of social media to take down Trump.

Keep it up, Gen Z.


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