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EXCLUSIVE NEW VIDEO: MeidasTouch Presents ‘Enough is Enough’

The new MeidasTouch video is called “Enough is Enough” with the hashtag #EnoughIsEnough.

The video features Trump’s secret federal police force in Portland ruthlessly beating Navy veteran Christopher David who was protesting the government’s actions. The video concludes with the words, “Heroes fight for America, Trump fights against it.”

Christopher David is a true American hero. He sacrificed for the United States in the Navy and was within his constitutional rights to join the protests in Portland. On the other hand, Donald Trump has unlawfully sent federal forces to Portland to attack American citizens.

As the election nears, and Trump’s poll numbers continue to tank, his tactics will get more destructive as he launches an assault on the American people. We must honor true heroes like Christopher David, and follow his lead and stand up to Trump and make it clear that #EnoughIsEnough!

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