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Exclusive New Video: MeidasTouch Presents ‘Trump Emptied Stadiums’

The video 'Trump Emptied Stadiums,' released with the corresponding hashtag #TrumpEmptiedStadiums, puts the unparalleled devastation caused by Trump's disastrous coronavirus response in stark and vivid terms.

Over audio of Trump's prolonged insistence that the coronavirus would just "disappear" or "go away," the toll of his inaction is depicted over close-up shots of the grounds of a football field..

The camera then pulls back to reveal an empty stadium, representing a grim reality. Trump’s inaction has killed the equivalent of stadiums' worth of Americans.

To date, the coronavirus has killed over 165,000 Americans with no sign of slowing down. For comparison, Ohio Stadium, home of The Ohio State Buckeyes, seats 104,944 people.

In addition to killing our fellow Americans, Trump's failed leadership has also put our favorite pastimes on hold. This week, the Big Ten and Pac-12 college football conferences voted to postpone their upcoming seasons.

Donald Trump's inability to devise a national coronavirus strategy has ruined nearly every facet of our lives.

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