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Fox News, Tucker Carlson cries of censorship are just more projection

The next big political battle that the Republicans, Donald Trump and Fox News are trying to start is one against the big tech companies like Facebook, Google, and Twitter over political censorship.

At this point, the debate is about how social media companies exhibit an anti-conservative bias. Fox News, along with many Republicans, claims that the censorship is only for right-wing politics as you can see with this video and quote below.

“The President may have a legitimate argument in that he is being censored and his son is being censored and yet people [MeidasTouch] are allowed to run with the hashtag TrumpKillsTexas merely as a fundraising ploy,” said Fox News in the video below.

In Tucker Carlson’s conversation with Jim Jordan on Thursday night, the segment opened up with another complaint by Carlson — that censorship only happens to the right.

In fact, plenty of efforts thus far have been made to censor MeidasTouch content.

Within the last two weeks, MeidasTouch videos have been shadowbanned on Twitter, limiting the videos’ reach, and the MeidasTouch Facebook page was taken down without warning on Sunday (it was subsequently restored after the Meidas Mighty fans rallied and let their voices be heard).

There is also a massive difference in the content coming from Trump versus the content coming from MeidasTouch. Trump is shamelessly lying in his ads, putting words in Joe Biden’s mouth and levying false accusations against his opponent.

MeidasTouch, on the other hand, presents facts through sources news reporting and the president’s own words.

Now, Trump is coming for TikTok. He not only wants to censor posts — he wants to ban the entire social network!

Fox News is going to try and turn censorship into a political and binary debate, Republican vs. Democrat. But as always, it’s purely projection.



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