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EXCLUSIVE NEW VIDEO: MeidasTouch Presents ‘Independence From Trump’

For Independence Day, MeidasTouch is releasing its new video ‘Independence from Trump” with the hashtag #IndependenceFromTrump.

Let's face it, this Independence Day, our nation is suffering like never before. Our economy has collapsed and millions are unemployed. The COVID pandemic continues to get worse in the United States, as other countries with actual leadership have contained the spread of the virus and flattened the curve. The man occupying the White House promotes white supremacy through social media. This is not a time for celebration. Yes, it is a time of mourning in America, but it is equally a time for action to get rid of the national plague that is Trump and Trumpism.

Our video uses President Kennedy’s reading of the Declaration of Independence and juxtaposes the words “Life,” “Liberty” “and the Pursuit of Happiness” with videos, images and Trump’s own words showing a betrayal of those values. Trump has not defended the ideals set forth in the Declaration of Independence, and has sacrificed our health, safety, and happiness for his own greed.

Our video ends with the vital call to action: On this Fourth of July, Declare Independence From Trump!

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