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EXCLUSIVE NEW VIDEO: MeidasTouch Presents ‘Leaders Take Responsibility’

The feedback and reception we at MeidasTouch received from the release of our last video “The Snake” was incredible and humbling. The Snake has been viewed by over 2 million people to date and follows our release of the video “Are You Better Off” which received 1.5 million views to date. We have also released several other videos with hundreds of thousands of views each.

We are pleased to present our newest video we call “Leaders Take Responsibility.”

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Personal responsibility and accountability have always been key to leadership. In the past, we had Presidents who displayed these values and demonstrated humility in the face of failure, mistake, and error. However, we now have a man occupying the White House who doesn’t know the meaning of accountability or personal responsibility. All Donald Trump knows is blame. Blame the media. Blame past administrations. Blame his own civil servants and law enforcement he calls the “deep state.” Blame experts. Blame governors. Blame. Blame Blame. Blame Blame.

We no longer have a Commander-in-Chief, but instead a Complainer-in-Chief. Trump is not a leader of the free world. He is a weak and whining despot trolling the world with an echo chamber of profiteering lunatics and Russian bots.

We hope you will share our video “Leaders Take Responsibility” to remind the country that Trumpism and the debasement of accountability is un-American. Let us UNITE and SAVE OUR COUNTRY!!!


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