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BREAKING NEWS: MeidasTouch Launches Merchandise Shop To Support Videos

Since its founding last month, MeidasTouch has emerged as a preeminent progressive grassroots organization producing some of the most widely shared and viewed content for the 2020 election. Some of our most recognizable videos include “The Snake,” “Are You Better Off,” “Working Class Heroes” and over a dozen other videos urging voters to restore decency, dignity, and respect to the country by removing Trump and his GOP enablers from power and electing Joe Biden.

To commemorate the success of the MeidasTouch video library, MeidasTouch today is announcing the release of MeidasTouch merchandise or “Meidas Merch” for our fans and supporters to proudly support the MeidasTouch brand while contributing to allow us to make more videos. The purchases of the Meidas Merch are treated as donations to MeidasTouch and will allow us to continue producing more of the video content you love!

We have meticulously designed the Meidas Merch with some of the top catchphrases and images from the MeidasTouch videos and combined it with a stylish aesthetic that you and your family will love!!!

Check out the Meidas Merch by CLICKING HERE and make sure to support MeidasTouch by purchasing some of our designs for you, your family, and friends. Meidas Merch also makes a great gift!

Once your Meidas Merch arrives we would love to feature a photograph, or short video, of you wearing it with your message to voters in swing states on social media channels!

Thanks for ALL YOUR SUPPORT!!!

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