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MeidasTouch Presents 'Nobody Likes Kelly'

The title of our new video says it all: ‘Nobody Likes Kelly.’ Democrats, Republicans, Independents and Trump supporters disagree on a lot. One thing we all agree on is that Kelly Loeffler is an entitled looter carpetbagger fraud who should much more be in prison than holding any government office.

It is obvious that MeidasTouch is getting under Kelly Loeffler’s skin (or is it scales?). This week, Loeffler hired a Virginia law firm to threaten Georgia TV stations to take down the MeidasTouch TV ads about her. In Loeffler’s “Barbie World” her and her sugar daddy Uncle Fester can defame Democrats, but using the words of Fox News and Loeffler to shed light on her disgusting vomit-inducing behavior is off-limits.

Sorry Kelly, your days of getting a free pass are over.

MeidasTouch is going to make sure you not only lose, but that you feel the same pain you have caused Georgians every single day!

Kelly, you are a laughing stock, you are a scam artist, you are one of the most disturbing individuals to walk this earth. Uncle Fester Sugar Daddy may have bought your Senate Seat, but it only exposed you as the crook you are!

Kelly, keep sending us legal letters and we will keep making more videos for you!

You declared war on America, now the people declare war on you.

Nobody likes you Kelly!



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