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Mitch McConnell blocks $2,000 survival checks as 4M Americans expect to be evicted in next 2 months

Four million Americans say they are likely to be forced out of their homes within the next two months as one in six American families have fallen behind on their rent payments, according to Bloomberg.

With Americans struggling to make ends meet and it only becoming harder to find a sustainable income and job, Republican Senator Mitch McConnell has blocked the $2,000 stimulus checks that Americans desperately need. A despicable move considering the pending evictions when the rent moratorium ends at the end of January and the outlook for lower-income households.

For households making under $100,000 per year, income has fallen for about half of those people during the coronavirus pandemic compared to less than one third for families making over $200,000 per year, via Bloomberg. The outlook for 2021 isn't much better.

40 percent of families that make under $50,000 per year also expect their income to drop in the coming month and the number of Americans employed out of the entire population is at its lowest rate since 1983, per Bloomberg.

Even worse, Feeding America estimates that 50 million Americans will end the year food insecure accounting for one in six Americans and one in four children.

Medway Village Church Food Pantry director Susan Dietrich has seen the worst of it.

"We have seen so many new families coming in, and I will tell you probably the most difficult thing I've seen throughout this pandemic are the families that come and bring their children," Dietrich said via NBC news. "And to see a mom walk through the door with her three little kids, and they're looking around."

The concerns over food insecurity and people facing evictions have long been known as a risk since the coronavirus pandemic started. But McConnell's senate has done all it can to limit the benefits for Americans.

McConnell would rather provide $100B in taxable deductions to big business instead of providing hard-working Americans $2,000 checks so they can buy food for their family and pay their rent.

"The fact is that we’re going to lose lives in a massive potential proportion if we don’t find a way to solve keeping people in their homes," said Ron Book, chair of the Miami-Dade Homeless Trust, via Forbes.


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