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New Video: Bye Hannity

Conspiracy theories, their hysteria, their usual slander - the masters of projection over at Fox "News" are at it again. So of course we had to launch our latest video ‘Bye Hannity’ with the hashtag #ByeHannity to hold them accountable.

During this minute-long video, MeidasTouch gives Sean Hannity the golden treatment. By spewing his typical mouth-garbage to describe a certain Democratic candidate, Sean overlooked one key factor: he's actually describing his dear leader (and business partner) Donald J. Trump. The video goes on to show just how pathetic Trump is. From going back to his bag of racist tricks by amplifying birther conspiracy theories to bragging about passing a test given to potential dementia patients, Trump is on the ropes as the blue tsunami comes barreling in.

The folks over at Fox "News" have become caricatures of themselves, pushing a slummy rhetoric that has split this country at its seams. But that's why we're here, to ensure we keep their bigoted agenda in check.

C'mon, Sean you're better than this ( you're not).

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