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New Video: 'Cornyn Chaos'

Senator John Cornyn of Texas had the audacity to make an ad attacking the demeanor of his opponent MJ Hegar. John Cornyn has forfeited the right to appeal to moral conscience of this nation and the great State of Texas after enabling the immoral man Donald Trump to engage in the most despicable conduct this country has seen from a leader.

The initial polling of Republican voters voting for Biden and for Democrats in droves makes clear that they want an end to chaos and an end to agents of chaos. Cornyn is an agent of Trump’s chaos who has failed to fight for Texas. Texas is the hotbed for COVID deaths and spikes and Cornyn is silent and more focused on judicial nominations than getting money and assistance for people in his State who are starving and dying.

Additionally, just last night we leaned with great investigative reporting from Salon that Cornyn’s entire careers has been based on a lie. Cornyn falsely claimed on his resume he graduated from Oxford which is entirely false.

So now Cornyn, a complete and total fraud and coward who enables Trump, wants to talk about demeanor? Give me a break. Cornyn demeans Texas and this Country every single day and must be voted out of office!

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