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New Video 'Country Over Party'

Our concluding video before election day is called ‘Country Over Party’ and was launched with the same hashtag. Earlier today we released two other videos, ‘Wonderful Michigan’ featuring Stevie Wonder and ‘Women For Biden And Harris.’ Both videos were top trends.

Our concluding video ‘Country Over Party’ is about what this election is about: freedom, democracy, and decency and the rejection of despotism. In history class we often wondered how dictatorships arose from seemingly healthy democratic nations. How did despots beguile nations and wreak havoc for person power? We never thought this was possible in America. We were wrong.

In this election we have Donald Trump, who is a Mussolini-like figure with no agenda other than power for powers sake. In the words of Kushner, the Republican Party was the victim of a hostile takeover by Trump and Trumpism. The Republican Party only stands for supporting authoritarian rule and degrading our Constitution. On the other hand, we have Joe Biden and the Democrats who stand for democracy.

The coalition supporting Biden is made up of lifelong Democrats, progressives, independents and previous Republicans who stand for decency, respect, competence, the belief in science and the rejection of authoritarian rule in America.

This isn’t a normal election where competing democratic parties fight nuanced policy debates. This is an existential election where the fate of the country is on the line and whether America will exist as a democracy is to be decided on the ballot.

This is why we must all come together and put Country over Party.

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