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New Video: 'Had Enough Trump?’

As we watch the DNC, the consistent and implicit message is obvious, and it comes in the form of a question: Had enough Trump?

We previously made a video ‘Had Enough?’ with the hashtag #HadEnough which focused on the bizarre and hateful Twitter battles Trump has engaged in, demeaning the stature of the Presidency to that of a racist troll. So, in many ways, our new video is a sequel to our original ‘Had Enough’ messaging.

Our new video ‘Had Enough Trump?’ with the hashtag #HadEnoughTrump is a short and crisp but ultimately shocking summation of this disgrace to the White House. The racism and incompetence and vile behavior has reached a fever pitch that must be extinguished. Trump represents the worst in humanity which we are reminded about every single day.

On November 3 it’s time we can all say enough.


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