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New Video: 'Let's Get Serious'

As we at MeidasTouch continue with our closing argument against Trump, our new video 'Let's Get Serious' focuses on the pattern and practice of Trump cowardly hiding behind purported humor, sarcasm and hyperbole to deflect from racist, fatally flawed and incoherent policies.

Let’s be clear. There is a time and place for humor. The White House Correspondent Dinner and other events and traditions have provided Presidents with a platform for humor. Trump canceled all of those in his soul sucking incubus eating devastation plowing agenda wrought on the White House and America. What Trump finds funny — things such as mocking the disabled, calling respected American leaders terrorists, giving false information about COVID and other such life or death matters, is not funny. Indeed, Trump is not trying to be funny when he says them. He is trying to test the limitations of what he can get away with and uses the defense of “sarcasm” as a buffer to dismiss his despicable conduct.


This Twilight Zone meets reality show meets horror film must end. This is real life and hundreds and thousands of Americans are dying and suffering. We don’t need a gaslighter and divider playing the role of third-rate vaudeville act in a position power. It’s time we get serious.


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