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New Video: 'Pretend President'

Donald Trump is on record on the Woodward tapes as early as February 7, 2020 stating that he was intentionally downplaying the threat of COVID. Later in March, Trump is on record stating that the threat of COVID impacts young and old alike.

Trump’s inaction in confronting COVID is not only incompetent, but it’s criminal. Trump’s decision to continue to give the public misinformation and discredit medical specialists led to the deaths of nearly 200,000 Americans. Even to this day, Trump encourages Americans not to wear masks and supports large public gatherings and states the virus will, like magic, "go away."

This speaks to the one of the biggest issues with Trump. Donald Trump does not function as a real President. Rather, Trump is a combination of an actor playing the part of a deeply flawed, comprised and careless President, and a self-interested narcissistic grifter who sole desire of holding the title of President is to pillage the entire nation for his own benefit.

This pretend presidency has devastated the health, safety, and security of Americans. We must end this pretend presidency now, before the next 4 years are the last 4 years of our democracy.

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