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New Video: 'Trump Is Not America'

We witnessed and those of us still alive have experienced some of the darkest, bleakest, and most depressing 4 years of American history under Trump. It seemed it couldn’t get any worse, but these past four days have brought our nation even further down the depths of autocracy mixed with idiocy — an idiocracy.

Trump is a fundamentally flawed human being. That is being polite. He is a ravenous narcissistic maniac who has placed his frail and flawed ego above our democracy and above the safety of Americans. Trump is a super spreader, both literally and figuratively, and has spread COVID around the country and in the White House and has caused over 210k deaths with his failures to act and affirmative disinformation.

Trump underestimated America. Trump thought that like the tyrants and dictators from past and present he admired, he could rely on cheap propaganda and project leadership. But like the image of him on the White House balcony projected to the world, Trump and his administration and enablers are gasping for breath like a goldfish out of water.

The Trump era is coming to an end because Trump represents all we have fought as a country since our founding to reject. Trump is not America

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