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New Video: 'Trump Kills'

MeidasTouch has launched its latest ad entitled 'Trump Kills,' under the hashtag #TrumpKills.

The Trump campaign recently released a heinous and despicable fear-mongering ad full of outright lies relating to Joe Biden's support of law enforcement. As USA Today notes, "The goal [of the ad] is to scare seniors with apocalyptic visions of what the nation could look like under a Joe Biden presidency." 

Our ad 'Trump Kills' flips the script on the Trump campaign, recutting their deceitful ad to show that truth is scarier than fiction.

Trump's mishandling and outright lying in regards to COVID-19 has led the United States to become the world leader – in COVID-19 deaths. And more than 80% of all coronavirus deaths are seniors.

Seniors are not safe in Donald Trump's America.

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