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New Video: 'Trump Lied, 200K Died'

We have a reached a grim, sobering and unthinkably tragic milestone today. 200,000 Americans have died of COVID-19. The virus and its origins may not have been preventable, but the devastating death toll in the USA has and will continue to haunt our nation forever.

Although we didn’t need the Woodward tapes to logically deduce the truth, we got confirmation from the tapes that in February and March Trump knew the lethality and severity and contagiousness of the airborne virus. Instead of doing what American Presidents should do and confront crisis, Trump intentionally downplayed the threat, per his own admission. He denied the science and facts — and continues to even to this day.

When we hear about other countries that went into immediate lock down and made short term sacrifices that let them slowly begin opening their economies again and compare that with America, the cataclysmic embarrassment is so tragically evident.

Our hearts and prayers go to the families of the 200,000+ who have died. Frighteningly, at this rate the death toll is expected to double in the not so distant future. We can only hope to have a real leader back in the White House who can restore basic care and concern for the health and wellness of Americans back to the White House.

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