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New Video: 'Trump's Deadly Sins'

One of the biggest farces in this clown show administration is when Trump and his handlers try and position him as a religious man. Trump’s connection with religion is like his connection with reality – it is nonexistent and he assaults it everyday.

We released #TrumpsDeadlySins to compare the Ten Commandments with Trump’s actions. Trump has viciously violated all Commandments through his cheating, his killing, his crimes and his lies. Trump has never had moral authority because he is immoral and he sacrificed America’s moral leadership in the world. Trump has sought to destroy and deconstruct the values that made America a beacon of liberty and freedom.

We released this video to remind Americans that we cannot return to normalcy and be a respected country so long as Trump who disrespects the most basic principles of decency remains.

Vote Trump Out!!!

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