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New Videos: 'Trump is Pathetic'

MediasTouch dropped two new videos today which quickly reached the number one trend in the United States with the hashtag #TrumpIsPathetic.

MeidasTouch has been releasing videos as part of its closing argument against Trump. When prosecuting a case, it is always important to pivot as new information becomes available. The new information here was provided courtesy of Donald Trump himself who thought it was a good a idea to release the footage of his interview with Lesley Stahl before it aired on CBS. All this did was give us more time to make videos and show early voters how pathetic Trump is.

We produced two videos with the 60 Minutes footage. In the first video, Trump claims he never told ‘suburban women’ to ‘like’ him. The video shows Trump’s own words at a recent rally bizarrely begging for just that.

The second video shows Trump saying he never said for lock up Governor Whitmer and then video is shown of him at a rally doing just that.

The 60 minutes interview began with Trump asking not to get ‘tough questions’ and ends with him walking off because he couldn’t handle the interview which included relatively basic questions.

The MeidasTouch videos conclude with statement that if Trump can’t handle 60 minutes he certainly can’t handle 4 more years.

In other words, Trump is pathetic.


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