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#SayNoToMo: Alabamians’ New Movement to Keep the Insurrectionist from the Senate

Written by Jacob Weaver (Meidas University)

“I am Congressman Mo Brooks...and I have a message that I want you to take in your hearts and take back home...” he yelled at the already-frenzied crowd, “and along the way, stop at the capitol.”

Look, we all know what happened in Washington D.C. on January 6th, 2021, but we cannot let it ever be forgotten. In ten, twenty years from now when you think back you’ll remember where you were when you first heard about the mob marching toward the capital, Trump flags in hand. You’ll remember the stomach-churning shock of witnessing hundreds of white men storming into the United States Capitol Building in the middle of a joint session with little-to-no resistance.

Then, you’ll think back to just a few months prior. You’ll think of the images and videos of policemen decked out in full riot gear, violently and physically pushing people back to clear the way in Lafayette Square for then President Donald Trump to take an awkward but ominous picture with a book he’s probably never read, in front of a church building he’s rarely ever visited.

For the rest of your life, when you think back to the stark contrast in the way things were handled in both situations, your blood will boil. As it should.

During and since the second impeachment trial, hundreds of hours of videos have come to light, providing insight on just how close we were to a Game of Thrones’ Red Wedding-level massacre. And when you go back to this day in your mind, you will probably hear the fiery words from Alabama Congressman Mo Brooks play over again.

For example, maybe you’ll hear him telling the Trump supporters gathered to “stop at the capitol” before going home, or maybe that January 6th was finally the day of “taking names and kicking ass.”

This crowd would then march past the National Mall, and wouldn’t stop again until they had infiltrated the building, and five people were dead.

Before they were done, however, they placed a noose outside the steps of the Capitol and chanted “hang Mike Pence,” over and over. They even sought out and broke into the offices of well-known members of the House and Senate.

After seeing these threats to their fellow Republicans, some members of Congress decided against the original plan to object to certification. But not Mo Brooks. Instead, he still stood up and proudly objected to the certification of the 2020 Presidential Election - an election that has been termed by the Central Intelligence Agency as one of the “most secure in American history.”

Recent reports have surfaced, with speculation that Brooks will be running to fill the seat of longtime Alabama Senator, Richard Shelby, in 2022. This is expected to be announced on Monday alongside former Trump adviser, Stephen Miller.

What happened on January 6th makes Mo Brooks a traitor to the American people, and this is why he cannot be allowed to be seated in the senate. The people of Alabama, like myself, who stand for what is right need to come together stronger than ever to keep him from representing this state.

To let us know that you are apart of the movement to stop Mo Brooks, Tweet us your ideas on Twitter using the hashtag #SayNoToMo.


Jacob Weaver is an activist in the conservative state of Alabama. Help him flip the state by following and interacting with him on Twitter at @Meidas_WSCCofAL and @JWeaverAL.

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