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The GOP: A Confederacy of Elected Enablers

By Meidas University correspondents Sam Andrus, Liam Kent, Santiago Mayer, Avery Perreault, and Josh Tillman

Our country is under attack by white domestic terrorists, otherwise known as “MAGA”. These QAnon following terrorists mounted an insurrection at the behest of a mentally unstable, morally absent, anarchist President Donald J. Trump. He has attacked our country and put our democracy into the most dire state in our nation’s history. This insurrection was not at all a surprise though. It has been brewing for decades at the bidding of the Republican Party who willfully led on this terrorist attack on our country.

The Republican Party has brainwashed the American public since the time of Watergate and Richard Nixon, 50 years ago. It all started with Roger Ailes, then political aide in the Nixon administration. This is chronicled by William Falk of The Week, “In 1970, political consultant Roger Ailes and other Nixon aides came up with a plan to create a new TV network that would circumvent existing media and provide ‘pro-administration’ coverage to millions. ‘People are lazy,’ the aides explained in a memo. ‘With television you just sit — watch — listen. The thinking is done for you.’ Nixon embraced the idea, saying he and his supporters needed ‘our own news’ from a network that would lead ‘a brutal, vicious attack on the opposition.’”

Republicans want to use their propaganda machine to help brainwash the country, and run the country like a business all at the same time. Says Falk, “Fox News provides an alternative reality to the ‘fake news,’ providing daily talking points to Republican elected officials and policing them the way a sheepdog does its flock. Those who dare stand up to President Trump know they will be denounced as traitors on Fox’”

These coward Republicans can’t run this country like a giant business, because their conservative values stop them from adapting to modern problems with innovative solutions, due to the inherent fact that those solutions are almost always progressive. They fail to engage in creative destruction because of their archaic, traditionalist values, which is why they would run the “business” (our country) into the ground. This continuous brainwashing and enabling of this atrocious behavior is nothing new. These older government officials grew up in the years when segregation was becoming illegal and being replaced solely with their legal version of it: systemic racism, which they are so ignorant of to this day.

Just look at what is happening right now to this country. The GOP has unleashed a demon onto this country they can no longer represent, influence, or control. Donald J. Trump. It is very clear from the events of the Insurrection of January 6th that the GOP has lost control of the animal they unleashed. Trump is operating completely out of control.

During his “Save America” rally, prior to the failed coup d'état, Trump promised to never concede, instructing the crowd, “We’re going walk down to the Capitol, and we’re going to cheer on our brave senators, and congressmen and women.” It is clear where the mob of angry, face-painted, belligerent Trump supporters got the idea to invade the Capital.

If Trump’s speech was the incitement, working in unison with weeks worth of planning on the social media site Parler and other platforms to mobilize this radical mob of domestic terrorists—then the law enforcement, as well as the Republican lawmakers who repeated Trump’s egregious claims of voter fraud, were the enablers of this attack. This includes Arizona Representative Paul Gosar, who tweeted this tweet, stating that, “Biden should concede. I want his concession on my desk tomorrow morning. Don’t make me come over there.” He included a picture of the insurrectionists in formation in front of the U.S. Capitol.

Another Representative, Mo Brooks, who was one of the ones to lead the coup on the capitol said, “Today is the day American patriots start taking down names and kicking ass.” Then there is Minority Leader Rep. Kevin McCarthy, MAGA fanatic Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, and the 134 other Republican Representatives who voted against the certification of a lawfully executed and certified election results in Pennsylvania, the birthplace of our democracy. Oh, and this was after there was the domestic terrorist attack AND another vote against the lawfully executed and certified election results in Arizona.

Everyone who voted for a Republican should be ashamed of themselves. We have known for years just what type of leader Trump is, especially when republicans continuously disgrace our country with leaders who are wholly unfit to lead. There can be no claims of ignorance, it is not sufficient when our democracy is put at stake. Negligence is dangerous. The GOP has been negligent for years, their actions have directly led to what we saw on January 6th. And lets make it very clear, Trump is no victim. Trump plays the victim card every time he does something wrong, saying everyone but him is wrong and projects all of his insecurities onto others. If the GOP allows Donald Trump to continue as president, it will quite literally be a dereliction of duty to their oath of office (14th Amendment) and their allegiance to this country must be called into question, if it hasn’t already.

Our country now must begin the hardest period we have faced in generations, healing the giant rift left from fascists and their enablers. This will be challenging, but we have faith in this country. Our generation, “Gen Z”, was born into a terrorist attack, has lived through the worst housing crisis in the country, two recessions, and over a hundred white supremecist caused school shootings. We have seen people denied access to our country on the basis of their race, ethnicity, nationality, who they love, what religion they believe, and even children separated from their mothers and put in cages. We have seen innocent black men and women brutally murdered and beaten by the people tasked with protecting us over and over again. We have witnessed the dissolution of a strong middle class, and minorities and hardworking Americans being denied the possibility to achieve the American Dream.

Our generation, as said by Dominic-Madori Davis of Business Insider, “Gen Z is arguably the most socially-tuned generation to ever exist, but the ease of keeping up with everything that is happening in the world...has side effects.” We have had to learn how to deal with this constant stress, grief, and trauma. We’ve done this by communicating about our feelings with others. Communication, especially in a counseling setting, is an incredibly powerful tool because it allows us to be able to process our trauma and start healing. We also try to help others and help better the world, such as leading protests like March For Our Lives, reversing climate change, and Black Lives Matter due to the complete lack of action from the older generations. We have been given a world that has set us up for failure, just ask the millennials. But we won’t let adversity set us down the wrong path.

We have a once in a lifetime opportunity to start to heal our nation thanks to the election of President-elect Joe Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris. But it can only begin when we start to look inward towards ourselves and admit that we are not always correct and can be wrong…a lot. Until then, we will further destroy our democracy and allow the worst our country has to offer to rip us apart.

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