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EXCLUSIVE NEW VIDEO: MeidasTouch Presents ‘The Looters’

The newest MeidasTouch video released today is called ‘The Looters’ and will be launched with the hashtag #TrumpLoots.

While Trump disparages and threatens to shoot and kill individuals who are protesting police brutality and systemic oppression following the murder of George Floyd, calling them looters, we must not forget who the real looters are. The real looters are Donald Trump, his family, and the grifter-politicians who support and prop up this historically corrupt administration for the benefit of billionaires and not the people.

The Trump administration steals from the poor and gives to the rich. And to Trump. And to Trump’s family. Whether its cutting taxes for billionaires, cutting deals with foreign dictators to enrich the Trump family, or cutting checks paid by for by the American taxpayers to Trump and his family, this is the real looting that is taking place.

The real looting is taking place in mansions, in country clubs, in penthouses, and in the White House where Trump has sold the soul and spirit of America to the highest bidder.

We present to you, ‘The Looters.’

#corruption #thelooters #trump #trumploots

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