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EXCLUSIVE NEW VIDEO: MeidasTouch Presents ‘Trump Failed America’

MeidasTouch presents its new video ‘Trump Failed America’ with the hashtag #TrumpFailedAmerica.

The video begins with Trump calling himself a ‘super genius.’ As an initial matter, what sane person refers to themself as a ‘super genius?’ Clearly Trump is not a ‘super genius,’ but rather he is an unstable incompetent narcissist who conned his way into the White House with help of foreign interference.

The video goes on to show how Trump has failed every subject from geography, to english, to history, to science. Specifically, Trump’s failure and rejection of science has caused devastating results with hundreds of thousands dead from the coronavirus. Trump’s most recent response: Let’s ignore recommendations of the CDC and open schools.

The video concludes with a simple question: Is the man who failed at everything who you want making decisions for your child’s future?

From now until November 3, that is the question you should be asking anyone who still supports Trump.

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