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EXCLUSIVE NEW VIDEO: MeidasTouch Presents ‘Trump Grifts You Die’

Our new MeidasTouch video ‘Trump Grifts You Die’ with the hashtag #TrumpGriftsYouDie has been posted in response to Trump’s tweet today calling our hashtags on Twitter ‘ridiculous,’ ‘illegal’ and ‘very unfair.’ Our videos use Trump’s very own words, and those of his family of grifters, against them to expose their unlawful and repulsive conduct. Our videos speak only the truth and to the sad and desperate qualities of Trump.

The focus of #TrumpGriftsYouDie is on the unfathomable embarrassment and harm Trump has brought on this nation by using his position in the White House to advertise and sell Trump hotels, Trump products, and consumer and food products of his supporters. Trump — and his family — have turned the White House into the Home Shopping Network and have brought humiliation to the nation.

Worse yet, Trump is pushing these products as our nation suffers through the Trump Depression and through unprecedented death on a mass scale caused by COVID, with nearly 150,000 dead and rising.

As MeidasTouch grows bigger and stronger, and exposes Trump for the criminal and traitor he is, his attacks on us will continue to escalate. We have already made significant ad buys in critical States for our videos, BUT WE NEED YOUR HELP TO KEEP THE PRESSURE UP!!!

Please consider donating to MeidasTouch by CLICKING HERE so we can continue making these high quality videos our country needs.

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