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EXCLUSIVE NEW VIDEO: MeidasTouch Presents ‘Trump Has No Credibility’

We call the new MeidasTouch video ‘Trump Has No Credibility’ which we have released with the hashtag #TrumpHasNoCredibility.

A normal President in a normal administration would give a unifying speech and show compassion to those suffering on Independence Day.

Not this soulless psycho in Putin’s pocket.

Trump’s bizarre and incoherent Independence Day speech proved yet again that Trump can barely read and that his only goal is to divide the nation further with racist and hateful rhetoric.

During the speech, Trump said “The more you lie, and demean, and collude, the more credibility you lose.” Trump purported to aim this rhetoric at “the left,” but as we all know by now, Trump simply projects everything he does on an imaginary boogeymen for his dwindling base of MAGA-ets.

Thus, we created a supercut of Trump’s Independence Day speech which shows Trump’s words compared videos of his lying, demeaning, and colluding to demonstrate why Trump has no credibility.

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