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EXCLUSIVE NEW VIDEO: MeidasTouch Presents ‘Donald Trump Is A Disaster’

MeidasTouch presents its new video ‘Donald Trump Is A Disaster’ with the hashtag #TrumpTheDisaster.

The video includes shocking clips, including footage from this week, exemplifying the clumsily-walking, gibberishly-talking, twitter-balking, chicken-hawking, predatorily-stalking, disaster-incarnate that is Donald Trump.

The video begins with the voice over asking, “Who is Donald Trump?” The video goes on to shows how Trump “mocks the disabled,” “praises racists,” “attacks the military,” “protects criminals,” “sympathizes with child sex traffickers,” and “now he attacks mothers.” The video concludes with the question, “Who is Donald Trump?” and concludes with the answer that “Donald Trump is a Disaster.”

MeidasTouch has launched a six-figure ad buy to air this video in Texas.

Chip in here to help keep this ad on the air.

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