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EXCLUSIVE NEW VIDEO: MeidasTouch Presents ‘Trump Kills Florida’

Our new MeidasTouch video released tonight is called ‘Trump Kills Florida” with the hashtag #TrumpKillsFlorida. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has exhibited abysmal leadership in his State, with lethal results, opting to cover-up COVID infections and death statistics, retaliating against whistleblowers, and promoting deadly ignorance of the virus.

When running for Governor, DeSantis ran his campaign on pure unadulterated Trumpism and touted his blind loyalty to Donald Trump. In one cringe worthy campaign ad you may recall, DeSantis is seen teaching his young son how to “build a wall” with building blocks just as Donald Trump spoke of for the Mexican border. DeSantis’ response to COVID, which has been to follow the lead of Donald Trump, is not surprising and nor are the disastrous results.

The devastating impact of COVID in Florida is a predictable tragedy of catastrophic proportions, and it is only getting worse each day. Ron DeSantis is responsible for the sick and the dead in Florida, as is Donald Trump. During crisis we look to our leaders for help, not to aggravate the crisis and make it worse. What we are witnessing is something horrible and unprecedented. Purported leaders who lead us into our own graves. DeSantis is following Trump and both he and Trump are killing Floridians and Americans on a mass scale.

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