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Trump wants more chaos after Portland, plans to send federal law enforcement to Chicago, Albuquerque

President Donald Trump is looking to expand federal law enforcement’s presence to two new cities, Chicago and Albuquerque, after the group incited violence in Portland over the weekend, according to Bloomberg.

Chicago and Albuquerque are both run by Democratic mayors and are blue states like with Portland which has not lost any momentum protesting peacefully since the George Floyd killing.

For those who aren’t familiar with the scene in Portland, here are clips that show how the federal troops have been acting.

WARNING: It is a scary scene in Portland considering an army is walking down city streets shooting at its discretion, so use caution when viewing the videos below.

Without a doubt, Trump is trying to use force to scare anyone who wants to speak out against the President and is using the unmarked troops to spread fear across America. Sounds like a dictator.

Chicago mayor Lori Lightfoot said on Tuesday she does not want to see the troops act in the same manner they did in Portland.

Lightfoot also said she would welcome a partnership if the troops do come to Chicago, but not a dictatorship, via CNN.

New Mexico Senator Martin Heinrich also spoke out in opposition to Trump wanting to bring federal law enforcement to Albuquerque.

Trump is trying to paint a facade that he is the law and order president. Instead, it is just an excuse to act like a dictator and quell any opposition or movement that hurts his reelection chances.

We shouldn’t think Trump is just going to stop at Portland, Chicago, and Albuquerque. Trump wants to target many more Democratic cities in what looks like an effort to spread fear across the American people. Maybe so they don’t come to vote in November if a federal army is patrolling the streets in every major Democratic city.

Trump’s dictatorship must come to an end because he is trying to expand his military presence farther than just the three aforementioned cities.

“We’re looking at New York,” Trump said via the Washington Post. “All run by very liberal Democrats. All run, really, by the radical left.”


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DISCUSSION: How do people feel about Trump trying to send more federal agents to Chicago and New Mexico in addition to hinting at other democratic/liberal cities? Does this frighten you?

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