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EXCLUSIVE NEW VIDEO: MeidasTouch Presents ‘United For Humanity’

MeidasTouch has released its new video ‘United For Humanity’ with the hashtag #UnitedForHumanity.

In the weeks following the horrific murder of George Floyd, much of the nation and world has come together to unite against systemic racism, intolerance, hate and fear. As Donald Trump has attempted to divide us, yet again, with hateful rhetoric and inflammatory tweets, this time it feels different. Trump’s divisive tweets, once a potent weapon, are now empty shells we ignore. His rantings and ravings fall on deaf ears except for a very small core group of MAGA supporters who remain. Republicans simply pretend they can’t hear or see what Trump says.

From the depths of tragedy and despair, the world has united to condemn police brutality and to condemn racism in all forms. The largest rallies this country and the world has ever seen are those held by the freedom fighters who have united in the streets these past several weeks demanding equal rights and justice for all.

We have created this video as a tribute to those who have marched for equal rights and who have united for humanity.

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