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EXCLUSIVE NEW VIDEO: MeidasTouch Presents ‘Unpresidented Idiot’

This morning we saw a weak and frail man named Donald Trump masquerading as President, squirming and sweating away as Fox News anchor Chris Wallace fact checked him during a Sunday morning interview. 

There is much to cover from that interview, but our first MeidasTouch video inspired by the Wallace-Trump beatdown is a video we can ‘Unpresidented Idiot’ with the hashtag #UnpresidentedIdiot

Our video highlights a particularly odd and depressing moment in the interview when Trump discusses the cognitive test he took, and Chris Wallace states he took the so-called cognitive test and it was quite easy. Trump then pretended to act like passing the test was a feat of brilliance and Wallace methodically went through the questioning and showed the questions were as simple as identifying what an elephant looks like. 

Trump’s embarrassing responses and the fact that he thinks he should brag about such a cognitive test is yet another example of why Trump is unfit for any job, yet alone the presidency.

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