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Vaccine hesitancy drops amongst Southern states, African Americans since Biden took office

The number of adults who would definitely not or probably not get the coronavirus vaccine has dropped by five percent in the last two months, according to the Wall Street Journal.

In March, a US Census Bureau survey found that 17 percent of adults would not get the vaccine or probably not get the vaccine compared to 22 percent in January.

The number of people who said they definitely wouldn't get the vaccine hasn't changed, however, the number of people who probably won't get the vaccine has dropped suggesting that the media campaigns promoting the vaccine are working.

Maybe we have to thank the Divided State of America's Heather Gardner.

Despite the recent good news on vaccine hesitancy, the work is far from over. The Southern states still remain a work in progress as they have the highest rate of vaccine hesitancy, but there is still a promising trend.

The Wall Street Journal mentions that Alabama, North Carolina, Louisiana and South Carolina have made noticeable progress on getting more people on board with the vaccine. The trend is heading in the right direction for most US states as you can see in the WSJ chart below.

African Americans have been amongst the most hesitant to take the vaccine so far, but the hesitancy is waning. In January, 34 percent of African Americans were definitely not or probably not getting the shot. But by mid-March, the number has dropped to 22 percent.

What changed from January to March? Was it Joe Biden getting sworn into office and Donald Trump leaving?

That's for you to decide.


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