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EXCLUSIVE NEW VIDEO: MeidasTouch Presents ‘Vote Out Hate’

Don’t be distracted by Donald Trump trying to blame others for his disastrous leadership. Let’s be clear. The hate, the venom, the racism, and the divisiveness is coming directly from the White House.


As Trump distracts and deflects, we at MeidasTouch want the nation to remain laser focused on who the REAL agitator of hate and violence is. It’s Donald Trump. Trump campaigned on hate and once he took power, he has called on racist and hateful groups to cause chaos and mayhem. When courageous Americans sought to protest peacefully, Trump called for violence and hate and applauded groups who called for violence on black and brown communities in America. 

It is sad, but undeniable, that the White House which once was a symbol of hope, is now a House of Hate. This November, you will have the opportunity to #VoteOutHate

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