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EXCLUSIVE NEW VIDEO: MeidasTouch Presents ‘Wake Up America’

It’s time to #WakeUpAmerica

On Monday, as protests continued in the D.C. area the President decided to remove himself from his bunker and address the nation with a public plea for unity.

Sound familiar?

Of course not, because #PresidentBunkerBoy isn’t a leader – he’s an instigator.

Our new video, “Wake Up America,” is inspired by one of the most outrageous and pitiful displays of abuse of power that any President has  demonstrated.

The footage and corresponding soundbites showcases the utterly bizarre and horrific sequence of events where peaceful protesters & clergy members were hit with smoke and flash grenades in an effort to clear the surrounding area of St. John’s Church so President Trump could hold a bible upside down for a photo op.

As the video progresses, we’re met with footage from the very next day where spineless leaders from the Republican party either refused to condemn Trump for his totalitarian tactics or casually put the blame on the peaceful protestors themselves.

Because nothing says, ‘I have strong Christian values’ more than tear gassing clergy members…


The silence from GOP “leaders” has been noted.  

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