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Divided State of America's Heather Gardner exposes Fox News hypocrisy in recent must see episode

The Divided State of America hosted by Heather Gardner exposed Fox News for the lies, hypocrisy and bad faith arguments the network makes on a daily basis.

The most recent episode released on Thursday shows side-by-side comparisons of how Fox News looks the other way when there are negative events involving its GOP constituents while at the same time trying to turn meaningless news into a Democratic controversy.

Gardner illustrates the hypocrisy of Fox News covering a story about Hunter Biden moving into a $5 million home in Los Angeles while completely neglecting that Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner brought in hundreds of millions of dollars while working in the White House.

Everyone knows Fox News is a joke. You don't need me to tell you that. But still, seeing Gardner's comparisons side by side are shocking considering Fox is a major "news" network and has massive influence over opinion in the United States.

The episode goes on to cover Sean Hannity blaming the poor economy on Biden, who inherited a destructive pandemic from Trump just over a month ago, Fox's coverage of migrants, and random stories about NBA players and the national anthem that Fox ran with to distract from the Trump-led massacre at the capitol.

But that is just the beginning of what Gardner unveils in the rest of the episode that includes a hilarious parody music video calling out Fox News for its crap.

Gardner's new must-watch show, which brilliantly blends journalism and comedy, is a recent addition to the Meidas Media Network. The Divided State of America airs a new episode every Thursday night on Youtube.


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