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EXCLUSIVE NEW VIDEO: MeidasTouch Presents ‘We The People’

MeidasTouch presents its newest video called ‘We the People’ launched with the hashtag #WeThePeople.

The video begins with the phrase ‘Human Capital Stock’ which was used by White House economic adviser Kevin Hassett to refer to American workers. This dehumanizing phrase essentially compared humans to livestock which is how the Trump administration has treated people. When you have no sense of empathy for humanity and no respect for the dignity of people as is the case with Trump, you get the depravity of putting kids in cages, forced separation of families, demanding people risk their lives to vote, and mass graves in the Bronx, all scenes featured in the video.

America was once a melting pot of people and a welcoming land of compassion. It is now a slaughterhouse.

The video concludes with the simple message, borrowing from the preamble of the Constitution, ‘We The People. . . ” and concludes with the words ‘Are Not Trump’s Human Capital Stock.”

Our efforts to renew building the more perfect Union can only commence once we remove the man currently tearing our Union down in November.

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