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EXCLUSIVE NEW VIDEO: MeidasTouch Presents ‘Weak President’

The new MeidasTouch video ‘Weak President’ has been released at the end of the day on Trump’s birthday, better known as ‘Obama Appreciation Day.’ The video has been released with the hashtag #WeakPresident.

Trump’s physical weakness was on full display at the commencement address at West Point Military Academy where Trump was unable to drink a cup of water with one hand and where he was unable to walk down a ramp, prompting the hashtag #RampGate. Trump responded on Twitter claiming (falsely) the ramp was steep and slippery and that he ran the last 10 steps, which was yet another lie. Observers and medical professionals commented that there appears to be something physically wrong with Donald Trump.

We at MeidasTouch would never attack someone for a physical ailment. However, Trump disparaged and made lies about Hillary Clinton’s physical condition the cornerstone of his 2016 campaign. The fact that Trump has habitually lied about his physical strength and physical ailments of others, makes it fair game for us to point out the truth about how weak he is.

But, of course, Trump is not just physically weak. He is also a weak leader. He brags of being strong, but he lets our enemies take advantage of the country, he has our allies laughing at us, and he is unable to perform basic management duties attendant with his job. Trump is a braggadocio bully with no bite and follow up. He is the weakest President in American history. This video exposes just how weak he is.


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