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EXCLUSIVE NEW VIDEO: MeidasTouch Presents ‘Women Scare Trump’

At this point we all understand that anything that comes out of Donald Trump’s mouth is either a lie, projection, a misogynistic hate-fueled statement, or a combination of all three.

MeidasTouch’s latest video, #WomenScareTrump, once again shines a light on this very weak and pathetic President.

The minute long video uses Trump’s own words to showcase just how deplorable and belittling he can be while addressing female reporters.

His retorts are meant to undermine the journalistic integrity that these powerful women put forth while trying to deal with this toddler-like “President.”

Here’s the thing, Trump’s reactions to female journalists can boil down to one simple fact – Donald J. Trump is scared of women.

Women scare Trump because they are a threat to everything Donnie has grown accustomed to in his white, male-dominated world. 

Well, enough is enough. It’s time for change and we can no longer tolerate this behavior. 

Share this video along with the hashtag, #WomenScareTrump, to remind Trump that the time for change is now. 

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